An “Overdue” Update

What does one do when her husband leaves town for drill and Sunday plans have been canceled?   Make something special for the hubby and pour a cup of tea to enjoy while blogging on a rainy afternoon 🙂  Ahhh….


(Can you guess what I made???)

Well, I guess the first update I can give you is that Rob will not be deploying this next summer.  Even though this wasnot the news that Rob and I were hoping to hear, we are confident in the Lord’s guidance.  Plus, staying in Munich will mean that Rob can continue his PhD studies without interruption (which is probably better for his studies).  Also, while Rob was in the states this past month for Army training, he had several conversations that led him to think about changing from the “reserves” to “active duty.”  Rob and I will not have to make the decision until next year, but it is something that we are considering…

During the absence of blogging Rob and I also enjoyed celebrating an early anniversary in Prague.  We took a great “free tour” of the city our first day in Prague and I would recommend it to anyone – it’s the SANDEMANs NEW Europe tour.  My favorite part of our tour was the fact that the guide actually grew up in/around Prague (in fact, when he was a child the country was still under communism).  After the tour, Rob and I enjoyed sipping a nice cup of coffee along the river.  It’s nice to know that we have finally figured out how to see AND enjoy cities in Europe 🙂 AND…for all of our friends and family who know that Rob and I can’t really “work out” or run together…it only took 4 years of marriage and a move to Europe but we have successfully overcome that obstacle, wahoo!



I’m convinced the Rob might have had a hidden agenda in bringing me to Munich.  When we were in St. Louis I began to understand the phrase “April showers bring May flowers.”  It rained EVERY day in April, but once it got to May the sun came out and we had wonderful weather until it reached 100 degrees a few weeks later 🙂  Munich has been VERY different.  It started raining in April and I thought “OK… April shower bring May flowers.”  Well apparently the flowers over here need a lot more rain because it is now June and we are still experiencing what the German’s call “Dauerregen” or “lasting rain” – hmm…maybe my husband is REALLY hoping to get adjusted to the weather in the Northwest???

June and July will be busy months for us.  We will be attending our first German/American wedding, taking trips to Barcelona and Rome, Rob will hopefully go to an Air Assault School with the Army, and my mom will come visit for two weeks!  I think that’s it for updates – but I will add that we miss seeing all of you on SKYPE.  Somehow we have gone weeks without spending quality time on SKYPE with our family and friends (or maybe Rob is just SKYPING with everyone while I am at work, haha)…please get on so we can see your wonderful faces!

(Pictures will come tomorrow – it’s 11pm and they are still uploading…)


7 comments on “An “Overdue” Update

  1. Evangeline says:

    Coffee Buns! The cardamom is a dead giveaway. 🙂 Love you guys.

  2. Erika says:

    Vangie said what I was going to say! The cardamom gave it away 😉 looks likey’all are having so much fun over there.

  3. Arrika says:

    It’s a good thing the cardamon was in English otherwise I dont’ think I’d have gotten it. 🙂 Good for you Jordan!

  4. Bryonie says:

    So glad for the updates and keep the pictures coming. Love you and miss you!

  5. Mom says:

    So proud of you, Jordan; I think I would have sat around feeling sorry for myself. Wish we could have been there to eat them with you! Prague looks stunning; everyone says it’s the most beautiful city in Europe–what a lovely place so spend an anniversary. Keep those updates coming, Honey; we LOVE hearing “every teensy little disgusting detail!” (what movie?)

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